Bengt Nilsson

Title: PhD

Former Managing director

Professional area: Physical Geography.

Specialities: Fluvial morphology, erosion, sediment transport and sedimentation. Environmental Impact Assessment. Network planning and equipment.

Education: PhD 1973, BSc 1965, Dept of Physical Geography, Uppsala University.

Key techniques and methods: Sediment sampling, data evaluation. Constructed the "Nilsson sampler" for suspended sediment sampling.

Key projects: Lake Järnsjön: monitoring and prediction of PCB contaminated sediment spill during dredging, supervisor on the spill monitoring programme from dredgings for the Öresund Link, EIA for the river Gide Älv and for power plants in the rivers Ljusnan and Ammerån. Consultative commissions in Costa Rica, Egypt, Haiti, India, Iraq, Laos, Malaysia, Poland, Sweden, Tanzania.

Employments: In Hydroconsult from 1977 until retirement, Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (head of section of Physical Water Quality) 1976-77, Uppsala University 1965-76.

Assignments: Swedish correspondent to the IAHS International Commission on Continental Erosion, 1977-1986. Coordinator for data evaluation on input of suspended sediment to the Baltic Sea from Finland, USSR, Poland, GDR, FRG, Denmark and Sweden.

Languages: Swedish, English, German.

Selected papers and reports

Sediment Transport in Swedish Rivers, IHD-project, part I and II, 1972 (doctor thesis, English summary).

Sediment Input to the Baltic Sea, 1986 (Helsinki Commission).

About 1200 pages in 70 reports concerning sediment transport, erosion, silting, ecology, hydrology, and hydrochemistry.