Ulf Erlingsson

Title: PhD

Former Partner

Present Position: CEO of Lindorm, Inc., Miami, Florida, USA

Professional area: Doctor of Physical Geography.

Specialities: Geomorphology, sediments, under water studies. Sediment erosion, transport, and deposition in reservoirs, lakes, coast and sea. Floating peat islands. Natural hazards theory.

Education: PhD 1990, Dept of Physical Geography, Uppsala University. BSc 1984, Geosciences, Lund University.

Key techniques and methods: Side scan sonar, sediment echo sounding, depth surveying, computer mapping, GIS, computer modelling, electronic measurement, multimedia, and digital publishing. Invented and constructed the Sedimeter. Planned and equipped the "Akusta" research vessel with acoustic survey equipment at Uppsala University.

Key projects: Floating islands in the Arenal Reservoir, Costa Rica. Supervisor on the spill monitoring programme from dredgings for the Öresund Link. Effects of flushing in the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica. Designed and developed a Geographic Decision Support System for quantitative natural hazard risk assessment and mitigation, for the government of Nicaragua (HazMit). Marine geological mapping and under-water surveying of polluted sediments in the Örserum Bay at Västervik, Sweden.

Awards: Linnaeus prize 1991 from Royal Society of Sciences, Uppsala.

Languages: Swedish, English, French, Spanish.

Selected papers and reports

Erlingsson, U., 1990: Geomorphological development of the bottoms off Österlen, southernmost Sweden. UNGI Rapport 76, 136 p. (doctoral thesis).

Erlingsson, U., 1991: A sensor for measuring erosion and deposition. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, Vol. 61, Nr. 4, pp. 620-623. (Part of it is here)

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