AB Hydroconsult

What is Hydroconsult?

  • A university spin-off, in the field of environmental management

  • A knowledge-based company, owned by the consultants themselves

  • A network of experts in several scientific fields who cooperate

  • A geography core assures an holistic and integrating approach

  • Totally independent from other companies and organisations

    Company Profile

    AB Hydroconsult was founded as a spin-off from Uppsala University, Department of Physical Geography, in 1962. It has ever since been a scientific consultancy company, owned by researchers working in the company. The organisation consists of a permanently employed staff of project leaders; a scientific reference group; and a contact network of researchers and consultants.

    Hydroconsult has carried out several hundred major and minor projects, on all continents except the Antarctic and Australia. Many of the projects have been as sub-contractor to engineering companies, but quite a few projects have also been performed as main contractor, both in Sweden and abroad. Hydroconsultıs field is Physical Geography, including hydrology (surface water, ground water) and geomorphology (the surface features of the Earth, and the processes shaping it, e.g., erosion, sedimentation, mudflows, waves...). In addition to the physical processes, we can also study chemical and biological factors.

    We have not really got any geographical limitations ­ any climate zone and altitude on Earth may be considered; we have experience from a very wide range of environments. Project types include Environmental Impact Assessments, hydrological studies, under-water investigations, and management projects of drainage areas or coastal environments.

    In this broad spectrum we do, however, have some specialities. One such speciality is sedimentation in reservoirs: Measuring and predicting inflow, sedimentation, and life-lengths of reservoirs. We venture to say that we have world-class expertise in this field, especially when it comes to analysing the conditions within existing reservoirs. Quite often predictions prove not very exact, and a thorough investigation after some years of operation can give knowledge that proves crucial for a long-term successful operation.

    Our goal is always to do what is best for the client, and in a long time perspective. We believe in traditional values in business, in a high business integrity, and in establishing long-term relations with our clients. For instance, the Swedish state-owned company for electricity generation has been an important customer for decades.

    What makes Hydroconsult so unique is the focus on Physical Geography ­ an often overlooked scientific field ­ and the strong scientific profile of the company. We do not wish to compete with engineering companies; instead, we can help them ­ and their clients ­ to get a better understanding of their natural environment, so that a more cost-effective solution may be chosen.

    Business Goals

    The researchers owning the company have chosen this company as their platform for performing consulting services. These are of two kinds: Expert assignments, and projects.

    The expert assignments of various kinds are individual responsibilities. Working from a company is a convenient way for the expert to be free from the overwhelming bureaucracy that the self-employed face in Sweden.

    The main advantage with joining forces is, however, that is it possible to compete successfully for more sizeable projects. Specialised projects in our field are performed with Hydroconsult as sole contractor, while large, integrated projects may be performed in a consortium, or as sub-contractors.

    While the field of the company originally was quite large, covering most anything related to the physical environment and pollution in all its forms, it has been narrowed in the face of the increased competition caused by the growing environmental concern in society. Our main field is surface water, and how it interacts with the solid ground and sediments, by physical, biological, and chemical processes.

    We intend to stay in the front-line of science and development, and increase our export, which in 1997 was one third of the turn-over.

    Business Philosophy and Ethics

    Being small, chances are you have never heard of us - even though you might be in the same field as we are. So let us relate what we have heard others say about us: A very 'open' and honest company, high integrity, straight-forward communication, allowing the client a high degree of insight into the work (in fact, in many projects training is an integral part).

    We suppose that our open scientific attitude, and our 'Swedish' business ethics, are reflected in these views. And of course the fact that we do wish to establish long-term relations with our clients - a feeling of cooperation based on mutual trust, rather than "delivering a report and an invoice" to put it bluntly. We assume that it is also in our clients' interest to develop a business relation in which we will be their long-term link to expert knowledge and scientific developments in our field.