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Est. 1962

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AB Hydroconsult is an Earth Science consultancy company, that solves environmental problems all over the World. The main strength is in Physical Geography and Hydrology.

We can offer state-of-the-art studies of reservoir sedimentation and other problems in reservoirs, drainage area management, and the downstream coastal zone management. We can also offer under water investigations, based on our rich experience from a range of environments. A third project type is hydrological analyses.

AB Hydroconsult is a scientific - and not engineering - company (although some of us may have an engineer degree as a foundation). We study the nature, we try to understand and explain how it works, and we seek solutions based on how nature itself functions. However, to use our results in practice may require engineering solutions that are beyond our own expertise. We frequently cooperate with engineering companies, providing them with the necessary insight into the geomorphological processes.

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