Track Record

Below we have listed the publications written in English (and the odd one in French and Spanish). A brief description is available for some of the reports (click on the image).

On-going jobs include supervising the Öresund Bridge construction works, as experts for the Swedish supervising authorities (SGI).

The localities of the below-mentioned reports are plotted on this World Map.

Partial List of Investigations and Reports

1996: The Arenal Reservoir Project. (Costa Rica)

1995: Sedimentation and Erosion Processes Related to the Hydropower Projects Angostura, Guayabo and Siquirres. (Costa Rica)

1995: Impact Studies for the Theun-Hinboun Power Project, Lao PDR. Study C - Hydrology, Hydraulics, Erosion, and Sediment Transport.

1993: The Arenal Reservoir. General Conditions, Problems, and Proposal for a Study Program. (Costa Rica)

1992: Sedimentological Studies in the Cachí Reservoir, Costa Rica. Sediment inflow, reservoir sedimentation, and effects of flushing. Hay tambien en Español: Estudios Sedimentologicos en el Embalse de Cachí, Costa Rica. Afluencia de Sedimentos, Sedimentación del Embalse y Efectos de Desembalses.

1992: Sedimentation in the Nam Ngum Reservoir, Lao PDR. ISBN 91-88476-00-6

1992: The Lower Mekong Basin Suspended Sediment Transport and Sedimentation Problems. (Lao PDR, Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam) ISBN 91-88476-01-4

1990: Uri Hydroelectric Power Project. Sediment Transport Conditions of the Jhelum River, Kashmir, India.

1989: Potentialites en Eau de la Region du Gourma, Mali. II: Zone Lacustrine.

1989: Potentialites en Eau de la Region du Gourma, Mali. I: Possibilite d'Utiliser l'Eau du Fleuve Niger Pour des Cultures Traditionelles sur le Troucon DIRE-Tossaye.

1988: Analyses of precipitation and runoff extremes for Haiti.

1985: River Runoff and Salt Water Intrusion in the Mengalong River. (Malaysia)

1985: Sediment yield and estimated reservoir sedimentation in the Dhauliganga river basin. (India)

1982: Inland Waterway Transport, Bai Bang. (Vietnam).

1982: Tigris River. Section Amarah - Kassarah. (Iraq)

1981: Qattara Hydro Solar Project: Environmental Effects. (Egypt)

1978: Disposal of sewage water from industries and communities in the Nipe Bay, Cuba. (by Hydroconsult A/S, Oslo, Norway)

1978: Report over examinations of water, sediments, and current measurements in Nipe Bay, Cuba. (by Hydroconsult A/S, Oslo, Norway)

1977: Programme for water and sediment examinations in the Nipe bay area, Cuba. (by Hydroconsult A/S, Oslo, Norway)

1976: The Mufindi pulp and paper mills. Water supply and environmental impact. (Tanzania)

1975: Report on current measurements in the sailing entrance to Strömstad. (Sweden)

1972: Applied research for marine disposal of sewage from the Gothenburg region, Sweden.

1970: Applied research on marine sewage disposal from the Gothenburg region, Sweden.

1968: Prospectus 1968-1978 for Gothenburg, Sweden. Control of water quality, biological and sedimentological status in the city's recipient waters.

1967: Permafrost and ice-wedge effect on river bank erosion.

1967: Suspended load in the Colville River, Alaska.

1967: Water discharge in the Colville River, Alaska.

1966: The ice gauge. An instrument for measuring vertical movements of ice surfaces.

1965: Unsteady flows in open channels.

1960: The use of diving in studying erosion forms and processes.

1960: The effect of water control on fluvial morphology and processes in the lower Ångermanälven. (Sweden)

1960: Water controls and morphological activity in the lower Ångerman valley. (Sweden)

1959: The lower Ångermanälven. A study of fluvial morphology and processes. (Sweden)

1958: The use of diving in fluvial-morphological investigations.

1957: Erosion forms and processes on the bottom of the river Ångermanälven. (Sweden)

1955: Hydrology of the glacial river Austerfljot. (Iceland)

1955: Ice-marginal lakes at Hoffellssandur. (Iceland)

1953: The sand-trap. An apparatus for direct measurement of bed load transportation in rivers.

1948: The delta of Ångermanälven. (Sweden)